Martin Zier

problem solver,

new media,

lead dev

I've been leading teams from concept to production

The future is in educative, concise and engaging cross media communication

My belief is that there exists no perfect process, but well defined processes are insane frameworks protecting companies and individuals

Island Labs (2020 - 2023)

Multi-device platform for realtime collaboration in XR on Android, iOS, Windows and Linux

Built and empowered a developer team and lead cross-functional groups

Rebuilt the cloud infrastructure on top of Hetzner - reducing monthly infrastructure bills by ~85%

Developed and employed end-to-end CI/CDs for .NET and Unity with a mix of Azure-hosted and self hosted agents

HTW Berlin (2019 - present)

Lecturing about real time engines, software engineering and new media

Teaching primarily with Unity3D, includes the challenges of production, similarlities of game engines and exploration of common programming patterns

High focus on piqueing the curiosity of students and building their projects together with them

ART+COM AG (2017 - 2020)

Concepting and execution of permanent exhibits in visitor centers, museums and trade shows around the globe

Consultation of development efforts, team planning and media installation of on-site exhibit software

Established automated CIs for building exhibition software and inventorizing of releases

My personal projects are an expression of creative thought as well as deepening my understanding of things that collected intense interest

Rabscuttle Pictogram to indicate an external link

A bot originating from IRC, initially written in PHP, rewritten in Python, C# and TypeScript

Its current iteration is a self-hosting TypeScript Discord bot on home network hardware

Rabscuttle lets me explore higher-order TypeScript concepts and general type theory while providing real-time services

Mixed Reality Media Thesis Pictogram to indicate an external link

My bachelor thesis from 2017 discussing a general purpose mixed reality pipeline

The thesis tackles the communication of experiences in VR/XR/AR and tries to transport what the immersive actor sees

The pipeline does green screening, accounts for time-drift between virtual reality as well as video capture and combines it into a single camera rig

Quantum Mechanical Keyboard Pictogram to indicate an external link

OSS keyboard firmware for running AVR and ARM controllers, with a wide range of additional hardware being supported

Regular contributor with every new keyboard adopted, primarily interested in programming I2Cs and screens as well as customizing host reconfiguration written into EEPROM

RedditRover Pictogram to indicate an external link

The first real time reddit bot system, allowing to host many simulatenous accounts without hitting rate-limits from a single IP

Leveraging the excellent python library of PRAW is what sparked my interest in automating everything